Reverse Wholesale Sourcing with Wholesale Inspector

Reverse wholesale sourcing (popularized by The Wholesale Formula) is one of the most efficient ways of quickly adding new suppliers to your wholesale empire. By working your way backward from product to supplier, you can find more suppliers that allow sales on Amazon and have attractive prices. As you know, having more suppliers and more products at your disposal will ultimately lead to more sales.

How Reverse Wholesale Sourcing works on Amazon

In a nutshell, reverse wholesale sourcing will consist of

  1. Finding a product on Amazon you are interested in selling
  2. Contacting the manufacturer or brand owner and asking who their distributors are
  3. Opening up wholesale accounts with their distributors

Reverse Wholesale Sourcing + Wholesale Inspector = ❤

What if, instead of finding individual products that you are interested in, you could just enter your competitor’s store and automatically get a list of all the different brands they sell?

With Wholesale Inspector’s new Storefront Spy feature - you can do just that! This allows you to turbocharge your reverse wholesale sourcing like never before.

  1. Find a product you are interested in selling
  2. Click the name of the seller to go to the storefront
  3. Copy to URL of their storefront into Wholesale Inspector’s Storefront Spy tool
  4. So now that Wholesale Inspector has completed the Storefront Spy, we have a file containing thousands of products that this competitor is selling.
  5. To shrink this down to just a list of brands, we are going to
  6. Select the Brand column
  7. Insert -> Pivot Table -> OK
  8. Check the Brand checkbox to show all the brands
  9. And we are left with a list of 723 brands we can reach out to find new distributors to buy from!